Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Community Publications

  1. Institute of Health Economics. The economic burden of inadequate consumption of vegetables and fruit in Canada. Newsletter article. 2017.
  2. Storey, K. E., Montemurro, G., Flynn, J., Schwartz, M. Wright E., Osler, J., Veugelers P. & Roberts, E. The essential conditions for implementing comprehensive school health. Health Matters. Newsletter article. Alberta School Boards Association, Edmonton. 2017, September 28. AB.,_No._1.pdf
  3. McKernan, C. Photo book distributed to APPLE Schools. A photo book was compiled and distributed as part of a photovoice research project completed by one of the ROI4Kids trainees. This book contained photos and interview quotes selected by students that were related to student insights on how they were translating health behaviours learned at APPLE Schools into the home environment. 2016.
  4. McKernan, C. Newsletter to individual schools participating in APPLE Schools sharing results from a Photovoice research project. 2016.
  5. Ohinmaa, A. Blog Post. A blog post summarizing a manuscript highlighted as the Paper of the Monthfor December 2016 was written for the Nutrition Society blog. 2016. Article accessible at:


  1. ROI4Kids 2017 Workshop Summary Report, June 2017. Download PDF


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