Return on investment for Kids’ health

In Canada, substantial public health and economic burden is attributed to chronic diseases that are largely preventable by adopting a healthy lifestyle. While the need for effective school-based health promotion programs and policies is well recognized, details on implementation and the cost-effectiveness of different policies and programs are still unclear. Our research seeks to fill gaps in knowledge through six interrelated research objectives.

Recent Publications

Ofosu, NN, Ekwaru, JP, Bastian, KA, Loehr, SA, Storey K, Spence JC, Veugelers PJ. (2018). Long-term effects of comprehensive school health on health-related knowledge, attitudes, self-efficacy, health behaviours and weight status of adolescents. BMC Public Health, 18, pp. 515. doi: 10.1186/s12889-018-5427-4.

Nshimyumukiza L, Lieffers JRL, Ekwaru JP, Ohinmaa A, Veugelers PJ. (2018). Temporal changes in diet quality and the associated economic burden in Canada. PloS one, 13(11):

Dube N, Khan K, Loehr S, Chu Y, Veugelers P. (2017). The use of entertainment and communication technologies before sleep could affect sleep and weight status: a population-based study among children. The international journal of behavioral nutrition and physical activity, 14(1), pp. 97. doi: 1186/s12966-017-0547-2

“Schools are an ideal setting for health promotion, reaching many children during critical developmental years. We need more clarity on what specific interventions are favoured by stakeholders, and their return on investment.”

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Interested in checking the return on investment for different school based program/policy scenarios? Stay tuned – interactive ROI calculator coming soon!

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